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Happy (almost) Monday!

July 18, 2010

Some things are just a given. Like the fact that food is always better served in a bucket; the company you keep is often as good as the attitude you have when you’re with them; and that the ocean waves crashing are surely a sign that God is good and loves us.

These are things I’m reminded when I’m at the beach, like I was this weekend. I was also reminded that I should clearly never be trusted to apply suntan lotion without supervision.

Tomorrow it’s back to the “work” grind (if you call doing what you love every day work). And I’m looking forward to experiencing some of the “givens” of the public affairs world. Like the fact that digital media still depends on the relationships you keep, and there really are few things as fun as getting out there and mingling with peers you respect.

Happy Sunday, and I hope you look forward to Monday as much as I do.

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