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Blogging is good for your pride

August 30, 2010

Blogging is a great practice for a variety of reasons. If you enjoy writing (or even if you don’t), it’s a great way to get out there and practice; if you’re writing about your profession, it can be a great way to meet others in your field and get feedback; and if you have a bit of an ego problem it can really help to put you in your place.

My blogging for the next few weeks will be a bit sporadic as I’m currently visiting Australia and speaking at the Australian Marketing Institute’s Government Marketing and Communications Conference. I’m excited for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is the opportunity to spend some time in this amazing country. Over the years I’ve enjoyed working with members of the Australian Department of Defence, including the time an Australian Brigadier General sent me a text message, looking to chat about social media.

It’s an amazing trip, but perhaps it’s made a few colleagues a bit too jealous.

When you host a blog, you can gather all kinds of interesting stats and information about how a person is coming across your content and what they look at once they get there. And that’s how I know one person found and tooled around my blog yesterday after typing in the search term “i hate lindy kyzer.”

Proof positive that all is fair in love and Internet marketing, and why blogging, regardless of your stats and comments ratio, is definitely good for keeping one’s ego in check. If I had a sensitive constitution I would have found a profession other than public affairs, however, as public rejection is a hazard of the job. And considering I’m currently enjoying a bit of excessive indulgence (which did include ice cream for breakfast this morning), I could use a good chuckle about my own likability.

I look forward to sharing some thoughts from down under about the conference this week, or if you’re lucky, some photos of my husband surfing. 🙂 And keep keepin’ me humble, Internet.

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  1. GizmoDoc permalink
    September 6, 2010 1:19 am

    Sititing in on your talk at the ADF Department of Defence. Great stuff! Hope you enjoy your time in Australia

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