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Shameless self-promotion

September 8, 2010

This week I had an amazing honor – sitting down with Australian Defence’s Army Chief and Deputy to discuss social media use and best practices. Sitting down with any member of the foreign military is an honor, but Australia has a particular meaning and importance. Being in the country has really reminded me why every service member who has every had the opportunity to serve with Australian Defence has had such a positive experience.

I found it to be such a great opportunity it was especially rewarding to see the honor continue when I was featured on the home page of the Australian Army – with my mug behind the Australian Chief himself!  

I’ll be writing more on the visit later, sharing additional insights into how militaries who have gotten started in social media can continue moving forward as well as highlighting a few best practices I’ve seen in Australian Defence social media, but I’m headed to the airport now and those posts will have to wait!

It has been a great trip and I look forward to more regular blog updates when I’m back in the states. Perhaps it’s only my mom and a few aunts who have lamented the absence of regular posting, but I still feel an obligation to you, my dedicated and biologically connected community, ;).

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