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Everything I need to know about the 2010 election…

November 3, 2010

I sure as heck didn’t learn by watching the mainstream media coverage. One of the reasons I love bloggers and working with bloggers is that at least most of them are open about their biases. All too often the media aren’t, but let their slant becomes widely apparent through the coverage they provide. As someone who works with the media every day I can attest that they’re not all out to get conservatives, and that the rise in press punditry isn’t entirely the media’s fault – in many cases we’ve asked for it by supporting programs that intentionally give us a little news with a lot of commentary.

But there’s something about an election cycle to really bring to light the slant that definitely seems to penetrate almost every media market.

The 2010 election wasn’t a sign that Sarah Palin is the most powerful woman in America; it isn’t a victory for Democrats because they kept the senate (a Republican senate takeover was pretty much impossible even as far as the most optimistic Republican was concerned); it wasn’t because Democrats didn’t talk about the issues enough; it wasn’t because President Obama was too unengaged from the issues.

Republicans gained over 60 seats in the house and a number of seats in the senate because the “average” American is not happy with the direction this country is headed under a liberal president and liberal policies. We can’t afford to pay $4,000 more each year for health insurance just for a few additional benefits; we can’t afford for our Bush tax cut to end in January; we can’t afford more programs and deficit spending.

There are a number of reasons why people went to the polls and voted for conservative candidates. Many of those who went to the polls were tea party supporters – I’d argue just as many weren’t. They’re just people, like myself, who hope that we can get back to a common-sense approach to government – one that focuses on values, integrity, fiscal responsibility, and citizens. Not a league of professional politicians – no matter their party.

I don’t think there will ever be an election cycle where I can look to traditional media channels for the kind of unbiased or at least multi-faceted coverage I would like. Fortunately, at least there are blogs. 🙂

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