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Thank you, Staff Sgt. Giunta

November 16, 2010

I always feel sorry for anyone who perhaps off-handedly comments that today’s day of modern warfare doesn’t produce real heroes. I honestly pity those who can’t or don’t understand the greatness of America, and the thousands of heroes that live in our midst each and every day. I feel sorry for anyone who hasn’t met an American Soldier of the caliber I have – the kind of man or woman who risks his or her life, places it all on the line and experiences greatness in moments of selfless service.

I agree with those who lament the lack of living Medal of Honor recipients from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and those who say that many more Soldiers, living and dead, have deserved this honor so rarely bestowed. Our method of warfare has changed over the years but you need only take a few moments to listen to Staff. Sgt. Giunta and his fellow Soldiers to understand that acts of heroism are taking place on even today’s battlefields, and we’d all do well to remember and recognize such acts of heroism.

Take a few moments to watch this interview with Staff Sgt. Sal Giunta. Thanks to Giunta for his heroism but also his humility – for just doing “what any Soldier would do.”

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