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Hello blog, it’s me, Lindy

April 29, 2011

You may have noticed a serious lapse in postings here over the past month. In fact, there has been absolute radio silence. Such a lengthy break in posting without any notification to my loyal readership violates one of my social media rules about posting regularity. But when social media is a big part of your job – you find that your own brand is always the first to go.

Don’t think I’ve been lazy this past month – I’ve actually been busier than ever, raising Lee, working with clients and most importantly taking on a new role as editor of Heard of it? As I began letting folks know about the company I was surprised by how many of my friends were already familiar with ClearanceJobs – receiving their newsletters, following their news, and having profiles on their site. As editor, I’m responsible for socializing their social media sites, and keeping a steady stream of useful content flowing to the website and newsletters.

It’s a great company for quite a few reasons, not the least of which that they’re headquartered in my home state of Iowa. It has been interesting learning more about defense contracting and the job market. What’s great is that I have a constant source of insider information from my husband – as a security cleared IT consultant he is a great source of news (and he taught me everything I know about cloud computing). Runner up for useful folks in this position is Marjorie Censer. I must have facilitated a few dozen interviews for Marjorie when whe was with Inside the Army and I was at the Pentagon. Now she’s a major source of useful newsbites for Which just goes to show you – never lose out on an opportunity to learn by not paying attention.

So, I won’t be giving up blogging but you may notice I’m not writing as frequently as I used to – it’s a part of my quest to make sure whenever I write it’s actually something useful, and something you’d want to read. In the meantime, follow me at ClearanceJobs – check out their website, their social media accounts, their blog, and tell me what you think. You know I love feedback!

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