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MilBlogs Make New York Times

May 4, 2011

This year’s MilBlog Conference was another first-rate event, and in my opinion the best-conference so far. From the caliber of speakers (myself excluded) to the attendees I think it represented milbloggers well. You had the original old guard, as well as newer faces – great bloggers all. And not so many PR flaks that the true bloggers were outnumbered.

It was wonderful to see the New York Times’ James Dao there. We know traditional media take bloggers into consideration and frequently find them as news sources – it was great to see one of the best – and last standing – war reporters there to cover this event. And considering he interviewed a number of my milblog favorites I was delighted to be quoted:

Lindy Kyzer, who until last year advised the Army on social media, said military blogging had become more corporate and less irreverent. “When you know your mom or your commanding general are on Facebook, can you really have as much fun?” she asked.

But Ms. Kyzer said military bloggers still played a vital role. As traditional media outlets have laid off reporters or stopped covering Iraq and Afghanistan, bloggers have remained engaged in the tribulations of deployed troops and their families, she said.

“Milbloggers are among the few that actually seem to realize that we’re still at war,” Ms. Kyzer said.

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