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Not All Men are Created Equal – Some are Greater

August 9, 2011

What a tragic loss of life this weekend. As so many have said, we didn’t just lose 30 lives this weekend in the Taliban attack that took down a Chinook helicopter, we lost some of the greatest men this country has. A select, fine group of men who do jobs we don’t know about, whose families sacrifice each day, so we can go about our weekends, spending time with our family.

These men can’t be replaced because today, there are so few like them. So few who see the vision of selfless service in our military, so few who have the values and the sense of patriotism to serve in this way.

I’m rare to recommend anything on the Today Show but I came across this interview with the family of Navy Seal Aaron Vaughn. Don’t just read the story – watch the interview. It’s worth every second of your time in watching it, and is a perfect reminder of the importance of our mission in the Middle East, and the great courage of character and conviction shown by our men and women in uniform. These quotes from Vaughn’s mother and wife drive home the legacy we all could wish to have. I’m continually amazed by the strength of our military families, and especially this one.

“We’re a very patriotic family,’’ Karen Vaughn said. “We believe that America will be on its feet again and a country that the rest of the world looks to as a leader. We’re just really sad about this huge loss. We’re really sad that our son is gone, but we know that he would have done it all again.’’

As for Kimberly, she is left with two children too young to fully understand the profound loss, but she will tell them the story of their heroic father.

“They will take away his love for Christ,’’ Kimberly said tearfully about her children. “They will take away his strength and his love for this country. And they will know what an amazing man he [was].’’

My thoughts and prayers to them and profound thanks to all of those who have lost a loved one. There are no words.

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